Rave Reviews!

I have been a Nails by Bonnie client for approximately 7 years. Bonnie’s attention to detail for my feet surpasses the pedicures that I’ve received from those “drop-in” nail salons.  She not only does the basic pedicure, but she includes a special treatment for my feet. Bonnie takes her time and does a thorough job.  When she completes my pedicure I feel rejuvenated!

My feet were in such bad shape that I was embarrassed to wear open-toe sandals.  Since I have been going to Nails by Bonnie I am no longer ashamed to wear shoes that expose my toes.

Men tend to let our feet suffer and give them little attention. However since I’ve been taking care of my feet with Bonnie’s guidance, I have eliminated so many problems.  And for that I think my well-being has definitely improved dramatically.

-Mike R. ♥ Naperville, IL


Bonnie is the best in the area! She’s more than a nail technician; she’s a professional who takes great pride in her service and great interest in her clients’ needs. She offers sound advice and a forgiving heart when you don’t heed her advice. In the 5 years that she’s been taking care of my hands and feet, my dried up cracked heels are now soft, my corns are gone and my calluses are under control.

I can’t help believing that since my heels are not cracked that bacteria is no longer entering my body through my feet. I look forward to my monthly dose of Bonnieisms and the special care she so freely gives out from her heart.

– J. Fraccaro ♥ Bolingbrook, Illinois


I have been Bonnie’s client for probably close to 30 years! I go to Nails By Bonnie because of the quality of the services which I receive and Bonnie’s expertise on maintaining nails and feet. One thing that differentiates Bonnie from other nail techs is the fact that she is very careful about keeping her tools, shop, and whirlpool foot bath very clean and disinfected, which is extremely important to me – especially since I am diabetic and can’t afford to have any problems. I have heard so many horror stories of individuals contracting infections and fungus; I’ve never had any problems in the 30 years that I’ve been going to Bonnie.

A second area that differentiates Bonnie is how she maintains the nail’s cuticles; she keeps my cuticles neat and carefully trimmed in addition to providing hot oil treatments. If I had to pick my favorite thing, the hot oil is definitely the key; it really soothes your nails and cuticles, especially for those of us who don’t have time to ‘pamper’ out nails. I haven’t been to any other manicurist who offers this.

Technically, I have been blessed with very few, if any, problems, however I did have corns at one point, which Bonnie worked on and helped me get rid of.

Bonnie’s services have been extremely valuable not only to my well-being, but also to my appearance. Everyone who has been around me for any length of time knows that I am very diligent about my nails and feet – I don’t miss appointments!

-L. Singleton ♥ Chicago, Illinois


I have been a Nails by Bonnie client for over 11 years. I’m 62 years old and before being referred to Bonnie by a mutual friend, I felt it was impossible to have feet that could be attractive because I had corns, calloused heels, toenail fungus and in grown nails. I had tried many pedicurists and podiatrists who were unable to provide the type of expertise that I found in Bonnie! After 3 months (2 visits per month) I was so pleased with the appearance of my feet that I bought sandals and open heel & toe shoes which I was completely uncomfortable wearing before.

The knowledge that Bonnie has regarding foot problems and remedies to heal and resolve issues with feet and hands sets her way above the average nail technician. She examines your hands and feet in a way to be a compliment to the whole person even down to the polish. She’ll allow you to choose your color but if she feels it won’t compliment your personality or the occasion she will encourage you to consider a more flattering nail polish.

Bonnie has alleviated all of my problems with my hands and feet and helped me improve my self-esteem because of it. Her services and concern for me and my family is worth the world to me. And to prove that she’s extremely valuable to me, I travel from the West Side of Chicago to Naperville for my regular visits. Bonnie is a jewel!

– S. Hubbard ♥ Chicago, Illinois


I have patronized Bonnie for over 30 years and drive 40 miles to get my pedicures. There are several reasons for my continued patronage.

Bonnie could teach a class on being sterile. I am diabetic and that is of the utmost importance to me. An infection could really be problematic for me. She knows the problems that diabetics have with their feet and does her pedicure with that as a priority. Bonnie does not wait for you to have a problem with your feet but always give you advice so that problems can be prevented. You always leave with instructions on how to make your manicure and pedicure last longer and how to supplement her treatments at home.

Bonnie performs absolutely the best pedicure I have ever had. She does not have all the fancy pedicures or the fads, but when you leave Bonnie’s chair your feet are soft, all of the hard skin has vanished and your feet are picture perfect…every time.

Bonnie’s place of business is always clean, organized and pretty. She knows her customer service, very professional, always on time, makes her customers feel as if they’re the most important people in the world, and knows how to pamper us.

– L. Fisher ♥ Chicago, Illinois


I have been a customer of Nails by Bonnie for about 8 years. She is thorough, experienced, and implements a hygiene program that exceeds all industry regulations & requirements. I want quality service and I am willing to pay for it.

Not only do you get high level technical service, but you also get total manicure and pedicure treatment and advice on complete and well-rounded hand and foot care. Bonnie takes no short cuts. She gives you a plan to follow and is persistent about you staying on the plan to achieve the goals. She has given me time-proven information on how to properly take care of my hands and feet including what shoes to wear, what causes new problems that may arise, and how to keep feet dry during the work day. I am on my feet for prolonged periods of time so I must take care of them.

My feet were in bad condition with excessive dead skin on the heels. She worked her program and my feet look and feel 30 years younger. She also instructed me on how to rid one of my toenails of fungus growth. Her program has put me in preventive maintenance so to reverse any carpal tunnel syndrome problems that could occur in the future.

In the warm weather months I get numerous compliments on my feet when wearing sandal from my female friends and associates. Now I tell guys to get that manicure and pedicure on a consistent basis. It is a healthy and wise investment. All her treatments are good for my flexibility and help me in my tai-chi classes I have been taking over the last two years. When you look good, you feel good and when your hands and feet are healthy you are so thankful. I am looking forward to growing old with no problems with my hands and feet!

-Doug G. ♥ Naperville, IL


I have been Bonnie’s client and friend for more than 25 years. Besides being an outstanding nail technician, she is also a warm-hearted and compassionate person.

 She is, without doubt, the most professional, caring, detailed and meticulous nail specialist I’ve ever encountered. I am sure you’ve heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness,” Bonnie believes and follows that motto in her life and her career.

There is a quote, which I believe tells more about Bonnie than any other. “Truly talented people focus on bringing out the best in you, not telling you what’s wrong with you.” That is what she does for everyone she meets whether she knows you in her professional or personal life.

-Marybeth S. ♥ Chicago, IL


I have been a client of Nails by Bonnie for over 20 years. I go to Bonnie because she is extremely professional, thorough, takes pride in her work, unquestionable integrity and genuinely cares about your hand and foot care. Her suite is immaculate; she thoroughly cleans and sterilizes her tools before and after each use, and ensures that all her clients are pleased with their service. Plus, we have good conversation each and every time.

Bonnie has helped me to alleviate problems with my hands and feet by telling me what I need to do to ensure that my hands and feet remain in good condition. She does semi-podiatry work and has eliminated the corns and calluses on my feet several times. She tells me when and where I should wear pads, use powder, etc. to avoid other problems from occurring. I have damaged my toe nail on my big toe more that once and she told me what I needed to do to heal the damaged toe nail and cure the fungus under my toe nail. She is wonderful!

Her service has been invaluable. I would not trade her for anything. Recently, I was leaving town and stopped in a nearby nail shop just for a fresh polish before I left on a trip. The shop was dirty and the tools were not clean. I refused to let the nail technician do anything except polish. As I was sitting there, I was thinking that Bonnie should provide classes on how to sterilize tools for use with clients and general cleanliness in nail shops. Bonnie’s shop is now about 40 miles from my home one way and I make the trip because she is just that good!!!

– M. Perry ♥ Chicago, Illinois


I’ve been Bonnie’s client for 6 years; Bonnie’s services are truly unique! She uses a holistic approach when caring for her clients’ feet and hands. Bonnie is more than a nail technician she is a healer and therapist. Before I started receiving Bonnie’s treatment I struggled a lot with discomfort in my feet. I wore comfortable, supportive shoes to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work. Bonnie noted that I had callous build-up on both of my baby toes. She removed them and educated me on how to avoid future complications. I’ve had no pain or discomfort in my feet and am able to wear my fave shoes!

Bonnie is truly present with her clients. She can sense when I may be stressed or anxious and will pray with me and/or share an encouraging word. My spirits are always uplifted after I have had a session with Bonnie.

– C. Hill ♥ Bolingbrook, Illinois


I’ve been a client of Nails by Bonnie for over 8 years. Bonnie’s services are different/unique from other technicians because Bonnie is a “people person”.  She has taken such good care of my feet, I haven’t had to visit a podiatrist in the last eight years, and I’m a diabetic.  My primary physician is also very pleased with the physical state of my beautiful manicured/colored toenails. The scented candles, soft lights, and smooth jazz compliment bountifully the ambiance that sets the tone at Nails by Bonnie.

Bonnie has helped me alleviate problems with my hands and feet when I became a faithful and loyal client.  My appointments with Bonnie are scheduled for every two weeks.  When I first started going to Bonnie’s she was located four blocks from my residence. Now I have to/ want to travel to Naperville, IL from Chicago, IL., which is approximately 45 minutes via expressways and toll booths.  Bonnie doesn’t bite her tongue if I wear certain shoes in the summer that harden my heels or when I need paraffin treatments. Bonnie gives suggestions that will only improve/enhance your hands and feet.

Nails by Bonnie services has been, is, and will continue to be of value to my well-being because, Bonnie’s experience and talents has allow my toenails to be ingrown free!

-Dr.Patricia S. ♥ Chicago, IL


I have been a client of Nails By Bonnie for about 8 years. Not only is Bonnie the most knowledgeable nail technician on the planet, but the services are provided in a peaceful, spirit-filled environment that helps me wind down from a stressful week at work. While there are cheaper services available, they don’t compare to the quality or experience of Bonnie’s manicures and pedicures. In addition, because she only works on natural nails, I don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals or other particles in the air that are prevalent at other nail salons. I also enjoy chatting with her other clients!

Unlike most nail technicians who focus on aesthetics, Bonnie’s emphasis is on the health of your hands and feet. She utilizes her training in podiatry to develop a treatment plan for each customer, and teaches you how to maintain your manicure and pedicure between visits. In addition, she promotes the use of practical, low-cost products (e.g., petroleum jelly, anti-fungal foot sprays, household brushes, rubber gloves etc.) as opposed to trendy overpriced items. Bonnie knows your hands and feet intimately, and is quick to question changes in their appearance. She also utilizes reflexology to promote healthy blood flow and stimulate your hands and feet.

When I started coming to Bonnie, I had serious problems with calluses and dry skin on my feet. My feet were often sore and tender from my shoes rubbing my corns. I was extremely embarrassed about the condition of my feet because they were unattractive. The treatment plan that Bonnie developed for me, and the instructions on the use of moleskin and mole foam pads to cushion my feet, have significantly improved the condition of my feet. The monthly paraffin treatments and use of petroleum jelly have left my skin moisturized, soft and attractive. The length of my fingernails has never been a problem, but due to Bonnie I no longer have problems with breakage or dry, painful cuticles.

Quite simply, I’m certain that the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced by my biweekly visits to Bonnie. My professionalism is enhanced by my manicured hands, and I’m not ashamed to wear shoes that reveal my toes or heels. More importantly, the mere fact that I no longer experience foot pain greatly enhances my physical well-being!

– R. Griswold ♥ Bolingbrook, Illinois


In the past twenty some years I’ve known Bonnie, I have been a client and co- worker. I continue to be a client because I am more than confident in her skills as a nail technician. Quite frankly I have no comparison. Bonnie has been my only practitioner for the last twenty years. She introduced me to the art! She has given me solutions to all of my nail and foot care needs and when I follow them they work.

-Duane C. ♥ Chicago, Illinois


I have been a Nails by Bonnie client for approximately 10 years.  I love the personalized care that I receive and the many personal and spiritual conversations that we share.  What makes Bonnie different from other nail technicians is that fact that she doesn’t use any electrical devices on the nails; everything is traditional and manual.

Bonnie taught me the importance of moisturizing the nails and protecting my fingernails from water, my nails are now finally healthy.  The wonderful care and attention that Bonnie has given my nails has improved my overall confidence.  Prior to going to Bonnie, I was very self-conscious about my hands. Now I look forward to my bi-weekly Wednesday appointments with Bonnie.

-C.Freeman ♥ Bolingbrook, IL