Diagram of a NBB Pedicure

At Nails By Bonnie we give more attention to your precious paws than most nail studios. We understand that your feet carry the bulk of your daily burden and deserve to be treated royally. While the average pedicure lasts 30 – 40 minutes, a Nails By Bonnie pedicure expands 1 – 1.5 hours depending on the condition of each client’s feet. During a visit to our nail studio, your footsies are pampered, nurtured and spoiled. Guaranteed your feet never leave the same way they came!™

The Diagram

  • Pedicure begins with a 30-minute soak in a plush whirlpool spa.  The heated water is treated with a natural mineral solution intended to moisturize the feet, remove impurities, soothe the muscles and tendons, increase blood circulation, and loosen dead skin.
  • During the soaking period, new clients receive an in-depth consultation designed to teach you how to care for your feet in between visits.  Returning clients are encouraged to continue their maintenance regimen or begin again if they’ve fallen off the horse. Bonnie never gives up on her clients and believes that everyone can improve the condition and appearance of their feet!
  • After the mineral soak, clients with problem areas such as in-grown nails, excessively dry skin, and calluses receive special treatment.  All clients receive heel-buffing to make them soft and smooth.  Toe nails are then shaped to perfection.
  • Next, feet and legs are treated to an extensive massage and light reflexology using a mentholated cream. The cooling sensation in the cream helps relieve arthritic pain as well as soothe sore or tired toes, feet, and muscles.  Feet are then coated with deep moisturizing oils; clients with perspiring feet also receive a generous application of foot powder.
  • Finally, toe nails are beautifully painted with OPI or China Glaze polish for clients desiring color. Male clients receive a clear buff which leaves their feet looking neat, clean and natural (no shine unless its requested).
  • Prior to each pedicure service, the whirlpool spa and tools undergo a thorough sterilization process.  We take your health seriously!
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