Cuticle Cuties

To help ensure healthy cuticles and increase nail growth, you must keep cuticles moisturized with oils. Any lubricant is helpful, but oil specifically made for cuticles is the most effective.  There are many brands available; do thorough research and choose the best one for you. Also, you must refrain from having any nail polish around your cuticles including top coats, shellac, enamel, or any other material.  For more healthy tips schedule your NBB appointment today!


Moisturize & Take Cover!

Wanna know the secret to soft & smooth feet?

  1. Keep your paws moisturized with deep oils like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.  Lotion alone won’t do the trick.
  2. Keep your footsies covered with cotton socks or comfy slippers.  Refrain from allowing your bare feet to touch the floor, especially carpeted floors.  Though all flooring can potentially dry your feet, carpeting causes the most problems.

The reason you want to moisturize & take cover?  So you can avoid excessive cumulative dry skin which can result in calluses, corns, cracked heels, and scaly, ashy skin!

There’s more wisdom where this came from. Make an appointment with Bonnie today! 

Top Coat, Top Secret

Here’s a Nails By Bonnie secret.  While most people apply top coat to the full nail, according to Bonnie’ism #1 you should apply top coat to nail TIPS for longer wear.  Ahhh, didn’t see that coming, dijah? Stick with us, Kid and you’ll go places. And remember, not all top coats are created equal; find the one that works for you.

Beat Sweaty Feet Tip #2

This tip is useful to combat athlete’s foot fungus and toenail fungus as well as to curtail athlete’s feet if you already suffer from the problem. Wear a fresh pair of white socks daily. Prior to putting them on, lace your socks with a liberal amount of foot powder. More powder is better than less if you suffer from really sweaty feet. As you go along, you will discover the exact amount that best for you. IMPORTANT: see Beat Sweaty Feet Tip #1 for suggested foot powders.

Educate. Beautify.

Naturally, everyone wants gorgeous hands and feet.  But beauty is not just about cool nail polish colors and sparkly nail art.  It truly starts on the inside and works its way out.  Nails By Bonnie doesn’t  just pamper you; we want you to be an educated client. That’s why when you select a NBB deluxe service you’ll receive an in-depth consultation and valuable tips on healthy nail preservation and foot care.  Now we  can do the same for our online community by posting a valuable new tip each week.  If you heed our sage advice, you’ll surely have hands and feet that look good and feel great!

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