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No-Chip Tips

It’s no secret that the CND Shellac no-chip manicure is the hottest thing that has ever happened to the manicure since…the manicure was invented.  It promises to last for 14 days, dry instantly, provide a mirror finish, and cause no damage to your nails. This is all true.  But here are a few things you can do to help it last even longer and to ensure that your nails stay healthy while looking beautiful.

  • You can treat the nails, but avoid adding any materials outside of the no-chip materials.
  • Make sure that the nail specialist precisely follows the Shellac system. Shellac polish should only be removed with the solution provided by the system; do not allow the nail specialist to file or drill the polish off.  That is damaging to your nails and means that the nail specialist took shortcuts when applying the polish.
  • Daily maintenance is the same as regular manicure maintenance: wear rubber gloves when doing household chores that involve submerging your hands in water or harsh chemicals; use oil treatment on your cuticles at night; and keep hands moisturized with an oil-based cream or lotion.  Nails By Bonnie employs various methods of deep moisturizing treatments.
  • Enjoy your beautiful nails!